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Noteable Tweets
05/10/12 I've had a loaf of soft multigrain bread from @GF_Insider since Friday, and it's still soft! They weren't kidding, it's soft! #glutenfree 05/10/12 Kinnikinnick white #gfbuns are so soft and tasty, u don't miss the gluten, even my husband not #gf and bread afficiando loved em 04/30/12 Best bread I have found been gluten free since 2006 04/30/12 . It was the best premade packaged bread I have ever tasted. 04/30/12 This bread is AMAZING. AMA-ZING! And tastes exactly the same after freezing and thawing as it does without freezing 04/30/12 I have tried all the breads out there whether they were carried by the local stores or I had to order them...this is the best BY FAR...I hope my local grocery will get them in soon 04/30/12 Best bread out there. My dsughter loves the buns. She says its like having real bread. 04/30/12 My husband has never been happier, he's thrilled that he can now eat a hamburger and have the bun survive to the very last bite and the bread is soft and wonderful, and like they say, it doesn't need to be toasted, and this is after freezing and thawing. 04/30/12 The bread was absolutely soft and delicious.. It was by far the best pre-packaged bread. 04/30/12 The new breads are incredible and make wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches or French toast. The sky is the limit and non-Celiacs can't believe how good it all tastes. You don't need a toaster any longer to make a sandwich 04/30/12 They not only lived up to the hype, but completely exceeded our expectations. The buns were light, airy and moist and virtually identical to white gluten-based hot dog and hamburger buns. 04/30/12 I can't contain the excitement! Seriously might be the best bread I've had in six years - including any homemade attempts ;) 02/29/12 I have been gluten-free since 1982 and have bought/tried many different breads/buns over the years... these new soft hamburger buns are by far the best out there. It is amazing just how good they are, texture and taste are both at the top... they are highly recommended. 02/29/12 The new soft hotdog buns are like the hamburger buns... great texture/taste. They are the closest thing to regular baked buns money can buy! They are highly recommended! 02/28/12 OMG - this new SOFT sandwich bread is terrific! I bit into my turkey/parmesan sandwich and the bread tasted great and DID NOT break! It stayed soft the whole way through. Best part - it came right out of the bag to the sandwich. No messing with a microwave in between! Great job! Keep up the good work. 02/28/12 I just got my new bread.. YUMMY!!! It has been many years since I have had "real" bread but from what I remember this comes very, very , close 02/28/12 I have your new soft breads...thanks...and the Whole grain is the best GF I have had so far... 02/28/12 My new soft bread came today and It was great. I can't remember what real bread taste like anymore since it has been 7 years for me. But after eating a grilled cheese sandwich I was in heaven 02/28/12 Thank you soo much for the bread that tastes like bread, cooks like bread, feels like bread, is the same price as regular bread AND I don't have to toast it!!!!!!! 02/28/12 It was absolutely fantastic. If I was blindfolded I would probably think someone was feeding me non GF bread!MMM soft chewy fresh white bread...Kinnikinnick really deserves a medal for this one 02/28/12 WOW! Just ordered and quickly received the new soft bread! So exciting that it tastes NORMAL! No weird, bitter taste like another soft GF bread has started having! Thank you Kinnikinnick for coming through with another great product..just please don't ever change it! 02/28/12 I just tried these breads and rolls and they are outstanding. It so nice to have bread real bread that is just as soft of a bread that I used to have before I was diagnosed with having Celiac Disease. These breads are more then just great tasting they also have great nutritional value to them 02/28/12 Biting into the smokie dog was amazing - the new Kinnikinnick buns are awesome! My honest comment would be that I seriously do not think anyone who is a "gluten eater" (ha ha ;) evil gluten eaters) would be able to tell the difference between this amazing product and one that was made with wheat. It was seriously heaven ~ soft on the inside yet had a lovely brown and slightly chewy crust ~ really good ... no amazing! 02/28/12 Kinnikinnick's new breads live up to the hype. My kid's taking sandwiches to school again. 02/21/12 We had hamburgers to celebrate, and they buns lasted through the whole burger and actually tasted delicious - my little carnivore of a son ate his whole bun, and left half his burger!! That has never happened before. The Kinnikinnick buns looked so much like 'real' buns he was afraid to eat it at first! 02/10/12 Just had an unheated, untoasted slice of the new @GF_Insider multigrain bread. It's a gluten-free breakthrough. The lower price is a bonus. 02/10/12 PERFECT!! On your new line of bread. Keep up the good work. 02/07/12 IT"S LIKE CHRISTMAS IN FEBRUARY!!!! Thank you Kinnikinnick!! These are the most amazing products to hit my lips since being gluten free!! I'm so in loooovve!! 02/06/12 I have tried them all and they are the best gluten free bread and buns I have ever had. My 5 year old grand children didn't know the difference they loved them too and yes they do freeze well and you don't have to toast them even after freezing....... and the hamburger buns stay together until you are finished... thankyou thankyou 02/06/12 Can't wait to find them in the stores!!!! The sample from the Toss Your Toaster thing left us drooling for more!!! It's even better than Udi's!!! 02/06/12 I've never had anything in my whole life that tastes so good!!!!! 02/06/12 I LOVED all the products I won in the "Toss Your Toaster" box that arrived on my doorstep...and YES they are better than Udi's AND Rudi's. "Normal" size and wonderful texture and taste. 02/01/12 Smoreables is the first food we have found of yours and my daughter and I were pleasantly surprised how good they are!!! Yummy!! 01/31/12 The new Bread and Hot Dog Rolls are AMAZING!!!!! 01/31/12 I have been eating incredibly delicious sandwiches for the last few days ... No toaster involved 01/31/12 Love the new breads. Hubby and I had to try them right away. 01/31/12 I'm so excited about the full size loaf!...and BUNS! Plus, I'm on Weight Watchers and the points aren't bad compared to most. LOVE you guys! 01/31/12 Love the breads! Especially the fact that the don't need toasting first, although I tried a slice toasted for breakfast yesterday. It was good toasted, too, LOL 01/31/12 Yesterday morning I packed a salmon salad sandwich on the new soft multigrain bread and it travelled stupendously. Great sandwich later in the day. And the loaf was a few days old! Amazing. 01/31/12 The white bread was fantastic!!! Sadly, all mine is gone now :( 01/31/12 The White Bread tastes delicious. I toasted for piece of toast and it was crunchy and fabulous. Loved the new texture and taste. Can't wait for it to be in store!!! 01/31/12 Very tasty, great fluffy texture. Made a fantastic sandwich and tasted great. Did not notice what I would call the "slimey taste" I have noticed with most GF products. Also held up very well in soups and makes fantastic toast. 01/31/12 It tastes delicious. I toasted for piece of toast and it was crunchy and fabulous. Loved the new texture and taste. Can't wait for it to be in store!!! 01/31/12 It was like I never had a sandwich. So good 01/31/12 Probably the best gluten free bread! 01/31/12 Without doubt the best GF hamburger bun I have ever tasted. Texture was perfectly 'bready' made for a fantastic burger. 01/31/12 This range of buns is sure to be a huge success. It is hard to believe they are gluten free. 01/31/12 Mr. made a fab Kinnikinnick Foods chocolate cake with french vanilla icing, totally worth it. Rich, moist and flavourful, I would have it again. Well, tonight at least! 01/31/12 Got my box yesterday... I was so excited to see full loaves of bread! The bread feels soft like regular bread and smells heavenly! Had my first two slices tonight and I think the breadmaker sitting on my counter just might find itself on kijiji if this is the new product line hitting the stores! I have yet to try the hamburger buns and hotdog buns but I have a feeling I will not be disappointed! 01/31/12 Just tried your Hamburger rolls - really yummy! We are quickly becoming sold on your products being able to meet our needs! :) 01/25/12 Your new mulitgrain bread is unbelievable!! So delicious!! 01/24/12 The pizza crusts are so good that I made my husband recheck the box! 01/24/12 Love your Chocolate Cake Mix! So moist and yummy. Inspires me to make a black forest cake with it =) 01/24/12 mmmm Kinnikinnick! Toss your toaster is right...this bread is so good I feel like I'm being bad! 01/24/12 Just got my not yet released @GF_Insider goodies and I feel like I should be apologizing to @udisglutenfree cuz this stuff is amazing!! 01/12/12 Wanted to say thank you for the gf donuts! Hadn't had a donut since 1994 and found the maple glazed..........oh yeah! 01/12/12 your pancake mix has become a staple in my house. Thank you for saving breakfast :) 01/12/12 Absolutely LOVE LOVE the bread! I'm sold after having just 2 slices. Keep on makin magic! 01/12/12 Just tried your chocolate cake mix for the first time today, it's excellent! 01/12/12 GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT !!! 01/12/12 Makes eating fun again 01/12/12 Best pizza crust you are a life saver for my son and I who are gluten intolerant 01/12/12 My kids "forced" the purchase of your vanilla glazed donuts while we were at the store tonight. Oh my! Sooooooo good! Thank you!!!!! 01/12/12 I have a problem with your Kinnitoos. I buy a package to use as a crust and I end up eating the package before I can make the cake. 01/12/12 Just tried your GF English Muffins.....Oh my, I was in heaven, espically with cinnamon to go get me some more!! 01/12/12 Your doughnuts got me through the roughest break up...Thank you! 01/12/12 Made a BLT with cheddar using the bread from #tossyourtoaster....totally a WIN. I could eat this EVERYDAY. 10/27/11 Kinnikinnick Foods, you've won my heart over. Not even bothering with other brands. No need to. Thank you!! :) 09/30/11 Many of the products from Kinnikinnick Foods have stopped us from feeling like we're "living without". 09/30/11 Kinnikinnick #glutenfree pancakes perhaps taste even better than regular pancakes! 09/30/11 I may or may not have hidden the donuts that Kinnikinnick sent me from my son. #shhhh Wonder if he follows me here? 09/30/11 Nomming on some Kinnikinnick animal crackers. Who knew that gluten free products would taste better than the real thing? 08/10/11 Kudos Kinnikinnick for your awesome crust! Thanks for giving me REAL pizza again! 08/09/11 What's your biggest GF weakness? Mine's gotta be Maple Dipped Donuts from Kinnikinnick 08/09/11 We're having "Take Out" pizza tonight at our house, this means we're making Kinnikinnick pizzas! Way better than the #GF pizza here in town! 08/08/11 Just tried Kinnikinnick Vanilla glazed - OMG I am in love! #glutenfree #gf 08/08/11 Verdict: Kinnikinnick pancakes over the campfire pleased both GF and non-GF eaters. 08/04/11 Darn Montana chocolate chip cookies....why are your so good?! 08/04/11 My entire family loves eating Kinnikinnick. My fiance is a chef and even he can't stop eating the cookies and pizza I make with your flour! 08/03/11 I don't believe it! Kinnikinnick #glutenfree K-Toos are BETTER than Oreos.. mmmm. Choc donuts were tasty too :D 08/02/11 Just learned about the "oreos"...LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! 08/02/11 I love love love your donuts!!!!!!!!! Yay for eating donuts again!!!!!!! :) 08/02/11 Best gluten free bread ive ever had!!! along with all of your other products. you help me miss carbs less! 07/29/11 Man am I hooked! I can't believe how delicious your doughnuts are! 07/29/11 Your products have allowed me to eat baked goods again! THANK YOU! ? 07/29/11 You guys have some amazing products. GF is SUCH a challenge, but your items often help make the journey a bit easier. Awesome initiative!! 07/07/11 Thanks Kinnikinnick - your Maple-Glazed Donut saved me from feeling left out when my coworker brought timbits.Yummy! 07/05/11 Dear Kinnikinnick: I love your make my life a million times obsession: english muffins 07/04/11 Super yummy gluten free best ever (Kinnikinnick) blueberry pancakes for breakfast with Ontarios finest amber maple syrup! 07/04/11 Made my first pan of buns since being diagnosed with celiac disease... thx for making it easy and tasty! Even my husband like it 06/24/11 The verdict is: Awesome! Nonceliacs loved the Kinnikinnick chocolate cake. They said, "Are you sure this is Gluten free?" 06/23/11 Thank you very much! 'm having my first great tomato sandwich in over five years today and it's thanks to your bread. 06/23/11 You are making me hungry!!! 06/22/11 Had a date with KinniToos, chocolate ice cream and mint extract. It was glorious. 06/20/11 make some awesome Fathers day pancakes with Kinnikinnicks pancake and waffle mix...the best! 06/17/11 breakfast: a household favorite Kinnikinnick Foods Pancakes...yummy! 06/16/11 I love the products! 06/16/11 Your GF carrot muffins are the BEST! :) 06/13/11 i fell in love with your english muffins today. unlike a lot of GF foods, they are soft, fluffy and not dense. 06/10/11 Because for the first time in almost five years, I had a sandwich that I enjoyed. Thank you for making celiac easier. 06/10/11 I LOVE your vanilla glazed donuts and your English muffins!! Thanks for making GF so tasty! 06/09/11 We just had pizza for the 3rd night in a row because I just discovered your pizza crusts! Perfection! 06/07/11 My mind is blown. Target has frozen GF cinnamon buns by Kinnikinnick Foods and they were SO amazing. 06/07/11 Just got your SMoreables for 1st time today and OMG they taste like real graham crackers! YAY! 06/07/11 Oh how I love those Kinnikinnick donuts! 04/06/11 I don't even like regular doughnuts but yours are delicious :-) 04/04/11 Just made my first kinnikinnick gluten free wheat free pancake w bananas. Awesome! 04/04/11 My kids were dying for a donut. Just tried Kinnikinnick vanilla glazed. No dairy, wheat or soy.. still yummy! My kids say THANK YOU! 03/28/11 You make the best everything, thank you. thank you, thank you 03/07/11 Kinnikinnick sounds funny but the BEST GF products, like GREAT bagels and, yes, English Muffins!! Thank You!! 02/16/11 Check out this amazing use of KinniToos: KinniToo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies! 02/09/11 In gluten-free donut heaven! Thanks, Kinnikinnick, for making my life! I haven't had a doughnut in 2 years, and I've had 2 today! :) 02/03/11 Will you marry me? i think your chocolate kinnitoos are the closest i've found to the "real thing" !!! <3 02/02/11 Best hamburger buns ever! I like them better then regular buns. Thanks for all you do : ) 02/02/11 uh-ho Kinnikinnick Cinnamon-Apple doughnuts are be-yond. #gfree #allergenfree 02/02/11 I seriously heart your #GF #glutenfree BAGELS! 01/17/11 Mmm this gluten-free donut from Kinnikinnick is the crowning achievement of culinary innovation. #gf #celiac 04/30/10 Best gluten free pizza crust I've had! 04/30/10 I don't know how you do it. It's like you eliminate gluten and replace it with magic. Love the English muffins! Delicious! 04/30/10 Chocolate donuts always a Saturday morning favorite 04/30/10 I looove your frozen pizza crusts! So convenient!! 04/30/10 Just baked an awesome angel food cake from Kinninnick mix with mango strawberries so good 04/30/10 Just ate some #kinnikinnick chocolate kinni toos dipped in milk...yummy! 04/30/10 Everyday my kids ask me if we can walk to the store to get more KinniToos -you've got em hooked! Cant wait for the fudge ones! 02/25/10 @GF_Insider Norwegian Cruise lines serves your bread, buns, cookies and pizza crust. 02/25/10 Super Speedy #GF Fruit Cobbler w/Kinnikinnick Bun Mix. Can be dairy free too. So easy! #glutenfree #celiac 02/25/10 Must shout out how much I enjoy #kinnikinnick white bread! After months of absolutely no bread, it is nice to enjoy some toast with my eggs! 02/22/10 Got a new loaf of Kinnikinncik White bread yesterday (@GF_Insider ) I wonder how long it will last? It tastes so good! 02/22/10 @GF_Insider I'm a follower! My daughter won't eat any other bread! Thank you! 02/22/10 @GF_Insider my neighborhood Kroger all of a sudden has a ton of your products, which totally made my day!! 02/22/10 Just tried KinniTOOS vanilla sandwich cookies from @GF_Insider kinnikinnick for 1st time. Delicious and totally safe cookies. 10/02/09 your gluten free donuts just made my day! Thank goodness for people like you who make what seems impossible, possible!! 10/02/09 By the way, had @GF_Insider Kinnikinnick #gfree pizza crusts oven-toasted and sliced into pizza sticks dipped in pizza sauce for lunch, YUM! 10/02/09 I just found @GF_Insider KinniTOOS cookies at my Safeway in the bakery section on a floor level shelf under non GF baked goods. Score! 10/02/09 Kinninnick choco cream sandwich is outstanding! 10/02/09 Thank you" underscores our gratitude to you for going nut free. Our little guy will be able to enjoy his first doughnut now.
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Absolutely LOVE LOVE the bread! I'm sold after having just 2 slices. Keep on makin magic!
. It was the best premade packaged bread I have ever tasted.
This bread is AMAZING. AMA-ZING! And tastes exactly the same after freezing and thawing as it does without freezing
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