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January 10, 2014
MILK Allergy Alert
Consumers with a milk allergy please read the important notice HERE

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Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

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Soft Blueberry Bagel

Company History

Kinnikinnick was founded in 1991 when very few people had ever heard of gluten free or celiac disease. Over the years, we've grown dramatically and continue to work to be on the leading edge of the gluten free food industry. The slideshow below shows where we've been and where are.
Mouse Over the thumbnails to scroll or select images. Hover over large image to show Slide Show controller to play You can also use the keyboard. Use the space bar for play or pause, the right arrow and left arrow for next and previous and Shift + right or left arrow for first or last slide
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You Said It...

It was absolutely fantastic. If I was blindfolded I would probably think someone was feeding me non GF bread!MMM soft chewy fresh white bread...Kinnikinnick really deserves a medal for this one
Kinnikinnick sounds funny but the BEST GF products, like GREAT bagels and, yes, English Muffins!! Thank You!!
I'm so excited about the full size loaf!...and BUNS! Plus, I'm on Weight Watchers and the points aren't bad compared to most. LOVE you guys!
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